The start of the third trimester is a reminder that the remaining days of the school year are few and the scholastic year ahead is quickly taking shape. This intersection of now and what is a head usually means it is time to think of enrollment and re-enrollment for the 2018/2019 school year.

For us at CAG, March is a time we review our goals and begin to evaluate our progress and start making commitments for the future. We see this happen in the classrooms as students, parents and teachers undergo conferences and reflect on milestones and achievements and establish goals for the future. For our teachers, we see this happen as colleagues throughout the school meet to discuss growth as well as outline hopes and dreams for next year for our students, our grade levels and our academic departments.

As a school wide community, we are reflecting on the partnerships we have made with our students, families, faculty, alumni and community leaders. This is the time of year we review the feedback we have collected and evaluate what needs improving for the next year so that we honor our relationships with our stakeholders and assure the community we remain committed to a legacy of excellence for which CAG is known. This reflectionprocess includes reviewing our surveys.
We were privileged to have received over 1000 participants partake in the community survey and over 780 parents take time to respond and comment on behalf of the work we are doing at CAG. Overall, we are proud that our families report confidence and care for their school of choice. As we take a deep drive into the data, the administrative team is meeting to identify the areas we recognize as strengths at CAG, as well as begin to identify the areas our community considers important aspects to reconsider for improvement.

To make sure we are appropriately responsive to the feedback we collected, we will work with campus leaders, anticipate student feedback later this month and work with
faculty to establish priorities for growth and improvement.
We will look for this process to be complete in April at which point we will report back with clear institutional goals.
Until then, we have identified the areas of the survey that align with the school´s strategic plan and the commitments we have established for ongoing institutional progress.
Our goals, as result of the data will support the following areas our community reports as important aspects for CAG´s success;

  1. Academic Life (teaching and learning competencies)
  2. Student Life (extra-curricular programs and athletics)
  3. Accountability and Leadership
  4. Social Emotional Learning and Wellbeing
  5. Auxiliary Programs (Security, Transportation, Cafeteria,
  6. Medical Office and Communications)

These areas will support our new programmatic initiatives throughout the school that will advance Science education, STEAM, student life programs that include renewed school day schedules, student advisory, college counseling, learning enrichment and health education, facility upgrades as well as new partnerships to support our auxiliary services throughout the school.
Your feedback helps us be appropriately responsive to school improvement plans and also supports prioritization in meeting the needs of our students and their families. As you prepare to re-enroll at CAG, we too prepare to establish our commitment to your expectations. On behalf of CAG, I wish you all a successful start to the final trimester and a safe and blessed Samana Santa. Don´t forget to mark your calendars for April 11th and make sure you and your kids are the first to re-enroll for the 2018/2019 school year!!

In the tradition of maroon and gray,

Patti Marshall, General Director