Dear CAG,   

Congratulations to you and our students for completing your first month of school! When I walk through the hallways, around the gardens and enjoy a few minutes in classrooms, I cherish the sounds  of  happy voices of children asking questions, laughing, and chatting. I have also enjoyed hearing the voices of teachers leading discussions and asking big questions-engaging in the young lives of our CAG students. Our school is filled with life once again after a long and quiet summer- and I am grateful! 

Throughout August, the life of CAG has drawn attention. We have been privileged to welcome grandparents, foundation members, alumni reunions (1997 and later this month class of 1968).  We hosted college visits, Richard Cullatta from ISTE and, Paul Andersen from NGSS, Former Board members and current, as well as longtime Head of School at CAG Barbara Barillas. We also had the great privilege to be invited to meet with the Minister of Education to share in CAG´s programmatic development and continued commitment to serve as leaders in Guatemala. CAG has also ventured outside of the Gates where teachers participated in volcano relief efforts in Escuintla, visits to UNIS, UVG and 11th graders participating in young business leaders programs at UFM. As always, we are proud to have our students and teachers out and about and to welcome curious community members back to campus to see the great work teachers and students are achieving together! These visits and  exchanges are the benefit and responsibility for our school---the benefit as host and the responsibility that we continue to nurture our growth and respect legacy and mission of the school so that we honor 73 years of excellence.  

September marks celebrations for  Guatemalan Independence. Our APM and parent volunteers will bring the colors and flavors of Guatemala to CAG classrooms and hallways to share in the pride and beauty of this country. The celebration is much about giving our students an experience of traditions that bring their school and their country together in happiness, but it also is a spectacular celebration for us new to this nation. Our employees, led by Middle School students will run through the front gates with a torch-we will be honored by our Marimba Orchestra and student speakers. Our grounds will be covered in the rainbow of intricate carpets of sand and sawdust and we be enjoying endless bowls of the best guacamole you have ever tasted!  It´s a treat to share in this celebration, and a reminder of the significant courage and values it takes to achieve, endure and nurture the ideals of independence and what it means for a country and its people. Using the lens of VIDAS and the threads of Character Counts can lead our students through robust conversations about the fundamental aspects of independence as an inalienable right and an inherent responsibility.  

What´s Exciting and New on Campus? CAG goes GREEN!

This month, we have been honored by student leadership and direct contribution back to making CAG a better place! 


  • Our Solar Panel Group on campus, (seniors, Estuardo P., Karina A. and Alexia  A.) have completed a year long business plan and fundraising effort the purchase of solar panels for CAG. Look up on top of the high school building and you will see 21 panels that are sourcing energy for the CAG Library!
  • With the support of their club advisor, Amaria Hernandez, our Green Team students,  Gabriel T., Juan Pablo C. and Marcos L. have furnished new recycling bins throughout the campus in ways that are suited better for younger students. THey also removed all other public containers to force awareness and discipline in recycling properly. 
  • The Garden Group is the Bees Knees! Faculty members, Beth Gourlis, Erin Hayes and Michael Lein are developing a school wide organic garden on campus. They need muscle and dedication. . . . if you are interested in joining them and their students, contact them via email. WE can´t wait for their yields!     
  • Francisco C., 11th grade, has organized self defense classes for his teachers. He started last year offering self-defense to female employees after a teacher of his was robbed.  He meets on Wednesdays and Fridays if you are interested in joining in.  
  • The votes are in! Last year´s sophomore math class pitched concepts for sculptures to be placed on our campus with their mathematical formulas and three dimensional designs. One was selected by student and teacher vote. The mock is in the General Direction office. We will working to make their pitch come true. Please stop by the office to see their rendition.    

Finally, if you have something to share or want to highlight your students, please pass along. CAG wants to  honor student leadership and voice and faculty contributions in the ongoing work to inspire our great community! 


A few Reminders for September

  • September 4th, 2:30pm in the Auditorium, Full Faculty Meeting to launch the 2018/2019 FAculty Reflection and  Growth.  
  • September 10, UVG will begin stage one of construction for their new Center of Innovation and Technology (CIT). We will be sending out reminders to our families and about the security protocols are walking through the UVG campus. We will hear construction noises in the vicinity. 
  • September 13th Independence Day Celebrations PreK-12th grade
  • September 14th SCHOOL CLOSED
  • September 25th School Wide Ribbon Cutting
  • September 28th Faculty Goals Due 


Happy September CAG!





"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
--Nelson Mandela