Dear CAG Community,

Join me in celebrating another great CAG school year!

For over 70 years, the American School of Guatemala has built a school on the pillars of excellence and compassion which has defined a CAG education as bilingual, rigorous and one that models excellence and contributes back to the community in which it was founded.

In fulfilling our mission, the annual tuition is carefully constructed in order to deliver an education that allows for a proven college prep course of study that is complemented with extracurricular offerings and a competitive athletic program. Part of the backbone of this experience is the quality of our international and local faculty who are experienced both in content and instruction.  A CAG education also promises a network of national and international memberships, associations, organizations and full international accreditation that benefits our students of all ages, offering them a chance to be competitive in the global community through the duration of their P-12 education as well as prepared for national and international collegiate aspirations.

Throughout the history of the school, founders and trustees have understood that keeping to CAG´s mission requires parent confidence, student performance, alumni pride, and teacher excellence. Providing the extra margin to achieve excellence however, calls for the generous support of donations. CAG has been fortunate to have had the commitment of many leading families and community members invest in the strategic direction and vision of the school since the school´s inception in 1945 through scholarship funds and as evident in the generous land grant where the current campus sits.  In fact, fundraising is essential to CAG´s history and to its continued success in reaching its vision to empower and inspire each new generation of student. These fundraising efforts serve as the foundation of our school´s Annual Fund.

Our Annual Fund revenues have the potential to provide the extra margin of excellence that goes beyond the promise of the mission provided by tuition. The Annual Fund is an ongoing fundraising activity critical to the School’s operating income, as such it provides the funds necessary for program enhancements and special projects. And finally, the Annual Fund helps to engage our community in the investment of the school´s future by supporting one of the five areas of excellence;


  • Program Excellence
  • Professional Excellence
  • Building Excellence
  • The Endowment Fund
  • Meaningful Lives Scholarship Fund


This year, there is no bottom line goal for CAG in the fundraising process. Instead, we are focused on building confidence among our stakeholders. In doing so, we are strengthening the trust in how the school finances its priorities. Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of participation from our stakeholders for the Annual Fund, and we need your support and leadership to achieve it.


We call upon our community to join me in giving back to the school and to model the importance of making an investment in CAG so its legacy stays strong and bright for your children and their children and so the CAG name continues to stay strong for thousands of alumni past and future.  

We encourage you to speak to your family and friends about your commitment. The Advancement Office and I will be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have about your gift, including how we will demonstrate use of your investment and how you will know your gift makes a difference. If you are ready to give now, the Advancement Office has created a simple process to pledge. Just click here for more information.

All donors will receive confirmation of their pledge to present to the Cashier’s Office and as recognition of your gift for their records. The Advancement Office will follow-up to confirm if you are interested in participating in the CAG Annual Report, to be published in September.

On behalf of the entire CAG community, I thank you for your support of the school. I also thank you in advance for your investment in CAG’s future by giving now.



Patricia Lee Marshall


Q and A to support your contribution to the Annual Fund

  • Is Annual Giving necessary?

We design our own learning program using a unique curriculum that operate without financial support from federal, state, or local government, and are self-governed.  Unlike public schools, which are funded by tax dollars, independent schools rely solely upon tuition and philanthropic gifts to meet operation and capital expenses.  Because we strive to manage tuition increases at reasonable levels for the quality of education CAG promises, giving is important to off-set expenses that help us achieve unique and special mission programs and to obtain state of the art resources to enhance teaching and learning.


  • Am I limited to donate to one of the five options? What if I have something else in mind?

CAG is appreciative of all donations. If there is something else that interests you and your family to support, please share your ideas with the General Director and the Advancement Office. The only criteria for giving is to ensure your desire to give supports the mission, vision and strategic direction of CAG.   


  • Can my company support the school?

Often, corporations contribute to independent schools by offering matching gifts to their employees' contributions. Families in our school may be able to double their personal contributions through their employer's matching gift program.  Please check with your employer to see if such a program is in effect where you work. 


  • Can I donate stock, make a bequest, or pledge monthly payments?

Yes!  This is a great way to make a gift to the school.  In the US, giving appreciated securities provides you with a tax deduction for the appreciated value of the stock without incurring capital gains tax.  Our office can provide you guidance with this information so you or your family can make stock gifts. Please let us know what your pledge is, the payment date, or what monthly installments you would like to make.


  • If I pledge today, when do I need to make sure all payments are complete?

If you make a pledge today, you have until the end of the calendar year (December 2018) to make your gift.


  • Documenting Gifts and Recognition in the Annual Report?

All gifts are properly recorded in the business office and donation receipts are provided to all donors. The advancement office will conform with you how you want your donations mentioned in the annual report. Family recognition, graduating class collections, memorial funds and anonymity are options.