This June, as we celebrate the class of 2018, join me in taking time to pause and reflect on the journey it takes to shape the body, mind and character of so many wonderful CAG graduates.

As these fine young men and women prepare to enter the world, I can´t help but think of how many people have played an important role in in preparing them to live up to CAG´s mission so they can positively contribute in meaningful ways to Guatemala and to the world.

The class of 2018 has been educated by some of the best Guatemalan and North American educators, have been mentored and coached by alumni and founders who have proceeded them and most importantly, loved and nurtured by their families and friends.

The class of 2018, collectively, was granted over 2million dollars in scholarships and grants to pursue their college education from national and international world class institutions in Guatemala, Korea, Spain, Mexico, England, the Netherlands and the United States.

And now, our graduates will join a distinguished group of over 6,000 alumni who span the globe and will soon join them in distinction for being leaders in finance, business, innovation, creativity, and service.

To prepare such a formidable student profile and instill the qualities of VIDAS (Values Oriented, Innovated, Dynamic, Actively-Engaged and Service-Driven) in the hearts and mind of our students, it takes a carefully crafted mission, a determined vision and years of teachable moments to prepare our students to be unique individuals who hold an emblazoned pride of the CAG signature noticeable in their work ethic and way of thinking. 

For almost 70 years, CAG has sustained its mission with the partnership of its stakeholders, working together to ensure the school has the leadership, faculty, resources and facilities to fulfil its purpose with unwavering pride and drive.     

As we honor our graduates, we thank each and everyone in the great CAG village who has contributed to the honorable work in shaping their lives. We thank our Faculty for their dedication to the work in which they have been entrusted, the Foundation for ensuring the school´s pillars have been strong since its inception and lasting for the next generation of CAG family and students. We thank the CAG alumni who carry the name of the school proudly in their hearts and make the school proud of their impact on our great world. And finally, we thank the parents of our grads who believed in CAG and chose our school to join them in the journey of raising their children.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and to the entire village who have rallied behind you!  Go out in the world and make us all proud. And remember, once a Hornet, always a Hornet!

In the tradition of maroon and gray,

Patricia Marshall