In the United States, November is associated with giving ´thanks´ to those who have contributed to our well-being. The gesture is offered in a great feast which represents peace and prosperity.

At CAG, we offer our thanks to those who participated in the October Town Hall by presenting questions that offered a glimpse of the hopes of dreams of the community.
In daring to dream during the Town Hall experience, the CAG community shared insight about their hopes for their great school. We heard parents ask how we were going to

  1. meet the needs of all learners,open leadership and entrepreneurial
  2. opportunities for our students,plan for inclusive student partici
  3. pation in planning discussions,inc
  4. rease athletic competitiveness,provide a quality CAG student to a broader need based community and develop a faculty culture that is creative and welcoming in
  5. ways that encourages longevity.

The questions we fielded are aligned with the vision of the CAG 2016-2021 strategic plan where our responsibility is to nurture a school culture that inspires an understanding appreciation and respect for the importance of our legacy of meaningful lives that bring value to Guatemalan and global communities.

We are learning from our students that their aspirations are centered around design and wanting to be a part of constructing something bigger than themselves in order
to leave something meaningful for others. I have been impressed by the CAG student--they have kindred spirits that are inspired by the challenges posed to them in their education, our mission and from the world around them.
As we listen to the students, we also are learning to look at the world through their lens, and to draw upon living models of the CAG mission to encourage them to be brave and courageous with their ideas and their discoveries

Moving into the rest of this school year, we will continue to develop the steps for diverse learning opportunities for a diverse CAG student profile. We are planning programs to develop our athletes, while also training coaches to reach regional and international standards of competition. Little by little, the sections on campus are finding ways to incorporate student feedback as we plan for the next school year. We are identifying ways to improve the academic and student life program by ensuring the Value Proposition is one continuous experience from Pre-School through to graduation and into alumni status.
This works depends greatly on high levels of accountability for all of us. We have to make sure we communicate often our goals for the year ahead, while also keeping our doors open for members of our community to share their insights and support the improvement process. As such, we welcome office visits from parents, students and alumni. We also extend an invitation to all to participate in January´s Town Hall where CAG dreams will become a reality as we share what´s ahead.
Finally, we thank the APM for their role in making sure November is filled with opportunities for the community to participate in giving thanks to all those

In the tradition of Maroon and Grey

Patti Marshall, General Director